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Your Burning Questions Answered

I don't want to give out my information...Can my utility bill be hacked? 

The only thing we can do with the information on your utility is pay it. There isn’t anything on there that can give us access to any secure information. Your utility account number is only one part of your utility account. Without your  password and answers to other security questions that would be required to access your account, there is very little chance anyone from our company could access it. It’s necessary in order to determine your homes annual usage so we can accurately size your solar system to meet all your needs.

If you know which utility company I use, and my approximate monthly spend, why isn’t that
enough information?

It helps, but it is not the whole picture. Utility companies have differing service agreements, electricity rates and processes for net metering. When we create your estimate and cost-benefit analysis, we do not expect you to know all the regulatory details, but we should. Your utility bill gives us additional information that you may not be aware of.

The other solar company I contacted gave me an accurate quote without seeing my utility
bill...how is that possible?

Technically, no they didn’t. You may have received a ballpark estimate but chances are it is wildly inaccurate and most likely lower than it should be to draw you in. It is highly unlikely you have an accurate assessment of what your savings and return on investment will be without an electricity bill review. The correct way for a professional solar company like ours to begin to custom design a system that will provide the most savings and potential earnings for you is to review your historic electricity consumption. This ensures the system will be sized appropriately to meet your projected future demand so your home does not have a system installed that will be bigger or smaller than what you really need.

I just moved in and don’t have my utility bill yet...How can I find out my energy usage?

You can either ask the previous owner for a copy of a recent bill. Or you can ask for the square footage of the home, how many people will be living in the home and if they have or plan to get an electric vehicle. If there is a pool, is the heater ran on electric or gas? Based on that information we can generally come up with an average annual KW usage.

I don’t have access to an electronic copy or email...is there another way to submit my electric bill? 

You can take pictures of your bill and text (or email) them to us. :-)

"My electric bill was ridiculous but after finding the right Solar Setup for my house my bill is basically nothing!"

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