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We Are An Independent Powur™ Consultant Company

Go Solar USA Inc. is a full-service solar systems provider that provides solar energy solutions to residential and commercial property owners.

We have an excellent reputation for providing the best possible prices on high-quality solar installation packages using the buying power of a giant in the energy industry called Powur™.

Being an Independent Powur Consultant means we have your best interests in mind. We liaise with Powur throughout the journey of buying and installing your solar package as your advocate, so we are in your corner every step of the process.

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Money from each solar installation is donated to saving the Amazon rainforest

We Help Residents Across The USA Switch to Solar and Save Up to 75% Off Their electric bill

Plus save even more with individual State Tax Programs!

  • Residential Solar Tax Credit In Your State
  • Equipment and Property Tax Exemptions
  • All Public Service Company (APS) Rebates
  • ...and Many More! (ask for the incentives list)

How solar Power Benefits You

A commercial or residential solar power system can provide a number of benefits to a property owner. One of the primary benefits is cost savings on utility bills. By generating their own electricity, homeowners can reduce or even eliminate their dependence on the traditional power grid and the associated costs.

Additionally, solar power systems fitting to commercial properties and domestic dwellings can increase a home's property value and can provide a good return on investment. Solar power fitted to a property roof is also a clean, renewable energy source, helping to reduce a homeowner's carbon footprint and decrease their impact on the environment.

Also consider that many states offer tax credits and rebates for homeowners and building owners who install solar power systems, further reducing the cost of installation.

Your Easy Way to Solar Energy Savings

The process of adding solar energy to a property can vary depending on the location and specific circumstances, but in general, it can be relatively straightforward. Here is our simple 5-step process to get you to the finish line.  We'll be able to assess your property and determine the best type and size of solar energy system for your needs.

Once the system is installed, it will typically require little maintenance, and you can start to see savings on your utility bills. The savings can be substantial, as the solar power system generates electricity for you to use, reducing your reliance on purchased electricity.

The Process to Free Solar Energy Is Quite Simple:


Submit Your Electricity Bill

We want to help you reduce your electricity bill as much as possible and even see if we can help you earn a credit on your electric bill each month. To do this, we need to understand your electricity usage over a period of time, as well as your address and the details of your electricity provider. We know privacy is essential these days, but providing your electric bill will only give us previously available information already in the public records.

The worst that we can do with this information is pay your electricity bill ;-)


Review Custom Proposal

Our team has access to the best-priced solar packages and first-class qualified solar installers. The distinct advantage we have over our competitors is that we can create a solar package that not only suits your needs in reducing your electric bill but is also the best value for your money possible, with high-quality solar and electrical components being installed at your property. Our proposal will incorporate all eligible Government rebates and tax credits.


Select The Best Plan

Receiving our customized proposal means you are well on your way to savings with solar energy. We offer great financing options, which means you can get solar power without breaking the bank. Once you have chosen the solar plan that is best for you, then we will provide you will a contract that includes all of the costs. That's right, we are transparent as we don't like surprises unless it's a present from a loved one ;-).


Sign A Contract

Once the solar system and plan have been selected, it's time to sign the contract. Of course, the contract is all-inclusive with no hidden fees or conditions. With no catches and approved professional installers available throughout the United States, you can rest assured that your solar installation will be completed correctly and the process will be hassle-free.


Get Started

Once a signed contract has been executed, the solar contractor and installation date can be chosen in your local area. The installation of a solar system typically takes between 1 and 2 days. Warranties on the solar panels, power inverter, and installation are provided once the work has been completed. After which, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy directly from the sun.

If you are ready to make the solar switch, please fill out the short survey below to get started today. We will design the perfect solar system for your home or business needs at the best possible price. Our team will take care of everything from system design to installation, so you can just sit back and enjoy being environmentally conscious and years of savings on your electric bill.

Talk to our friendly team today, and let us handle providing you with a cost-effective and high-quality power solution from start to finish.


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What Our Clients Say

Our electric bill was out of control and we had few options to keep our bills down. Literally, we were recommended Go Solar USA Inc. by a helpful friend and they gave us the news about solar installation options. The solar-grid system works great and our bank account is beautiful because we are saving so much money now with our electric bill. We wish we would have switched to solar power sooner.

July Graham Phoenix Homeowner

My family had a spectacular experience with this company. They installed a total of 10 solar panels. I have been saving a tremendous amount of money on my electricity bill since they have been finished, so I had to say thank you again and again. I will absolutely recommend them to my family and friends. Go Solar USA Inc. is professional and inexpensive!

Paul Simons Mesa Business Owner

They showed us some of their options for systems homes in our area. These guys were professional and went straight to the most important points about solar panels which gave us a great advantage with our electricity output. I can highly recommend these guys! We saved a bundle on our electric bill which I was so proud of. The solar panel cost was affordable and the solar system works wonderfully. I highly recommend them!

July Graham Gilbert Homeowner

Why People Count On Us

With solar energy being clean, renewable, and virtually a limitless source of free green energy, it's easy to understand the popularity of solar power. At Go Solar USA Inc, our reputation makes us proud, with much of our business coming from client referrals to their family and friends.

Go Solar Installations is just what you need if you want to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint. Our expert team of solar system designers, network of professional installers, and reliable service staff are people that you can count on.

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FAQs about Go Our services

How do Solar Warranties Work?

One of the most common questions our clients ask is how a solar warranty works. There are three types of solar warranties:

Net metering is the policy that really enables your solar to work for you. In most US states, there is a policy that says for every kilowatt hour that you put into the grid, you will receive a credit for that kilowatt hour. So if your solar system produces 10 kilowatt hours of energy, and it puts those 10 kilowatt hours into the grid, that's 10 kilowatt hours you get back. That's what net metering is.

The first one is on the panels. When you buy a solar system for power, those panels are typically warrantied for 25 years. What that means is they're guaranteed to work for 25 years and continue to produce power. Now, depending on the panel you buy, that production guarantee could be anywhere from 85% of the power they were producing on day one, all the way up to 92% if you opt for a higher-efficiency, premium panel.

The second type of warranty is on your inverter, which is the component of your system that transforms the energy you get directly from the sun into usable AC current that can actually power your home: turn on your lights, power your A/C, help you watch TV and all that good stuff. Your inverter is warrantied anywhere from 12 to 25 years. And a lot of times we will also include an extended option for 30 years, which really makes it a complete no-brainer.

Now the third part of the warranty covers what's called the workmanship. Our workmanship warranty is for 10 years. That means all the work that we do on your house when we're installing your solar system, when we're on your roof while you're working, when we're working inside your electrical panel. All of that work is guaranteed for 10 years to make sure that there's absolutely no issues.

25 years on the panels, 12 to 30 years on the inverter, 10 years on the workmanship warranty. Truly, we've got you covered when it comes to protecting your solar investment and making sure that it provides value to you for the long haul.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is the policy that really enables your solar to work for you. In most US states, there is a policy that says for every kilowatt hour that you put into the grid, you will receive a credit for that kilowatt hour. So if your solar system produces 10 kilowatt hours of energy, and it puts those 10 kilowatt hours into the grid, that's 10 kilowatt hours you get back. That's what net metering is.

This is really important because your solar system produces energy during the daytime, but you use energy during the nighttime as well. How it works is that during the daytime, you put a lot of energy into the grid, and it goes “on account” to be used later when you are not producing electricity. So you're banking all those credits. Then at night (or on a cloudy day), you pull that energy off the grid, and you use all the credits you accumulated.

That's net metering. It's an amazing policy. One that we all as consumers and advocates for clean energy have to continue to fight for. It has enabled solar to develop so much and, in effect, gives you the ability to use the grid as your own battery, reducing the cost of electricity for you and your family.

What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit?
The Solar Investment Tax Credit (also known as the ITC) is available for qualifying homeowners who install solar. When you go solar, you can apply for the ITC from the federal government when you file your taxes which, for some homeowners, can result in a reduced, or even zero, tax liability. The ITC was recently increased from 26% to 30% giving homeowners even more reason to go solar. That's why customers who are ready to go solar should do so while the tax credit is maximized.

The ITC is a huge part of the value proposition of solar. For example, if you go solar and finance (or purchase with cash) your system for $30,000, you could receive an income tax credit equal to 30% of that $30,000 solar system, depending on the size of your tax liability. And if you finance your system, you can be eligible for this benefit without paying ANY money down for the system. That is why you want to go solar today and take advantage of the generous federal subsidies we as consumers have available in order to support clean energy and save money.

Is Solar a Good Investment for My Family?

It is well-documented that solar increases the value of your home. The reason for this is that it's a home investment that actually produces income. A solar system sits on your roof and generates electricity, and there is a value for each kilowatt of electricity your system produces.

In fact, each KW you produce is a KW that you don’t have to purchase from your electric company. Plus the future value of all of those savings is valuable to the next buyer of your home.

Another amazing reason to go solar today - get the economic benefits today, and get more for the sale of your home tomorrow.

How Do I Know if My Home is a Fit for Solar?

Not every home is eligible for solar, so cross your fingers. Let's hope you're one of the lucky ones, and you can save money. There are three main factors:

Number one is called "sun exposure" - does your roof (or the location of your solar panels) get enough access to the sun? One of the things we'll do is analyze your sun exposure from satellite images and other technology to make sure that you've got what's called "proper solar access". There's a percentage we're looking for which, as long as you’ve got that, you're good to go.

Number two is orientation. What direction would your panels be facing? Ideally we would want the panels facing South or West, since that is where the most sunshine hits. So you're looking for the right sun exposure, you're looking for the right orientation.

And then there's just number three. Are there any structural issues with your house or roof that would make it difficult to mount solar panels? And if it turns out that it doesn't work for solar, no harm done, you got educated and you know it is what it is. But that's the reason why I encourage you to reach out and get a no-cost proposal from us so we can actually do the hard work of analyzing your property and show you exactly how much money you can save by going solar.

Think Solar is too Expensive?

One of the biggest questions that everybody has about solar is "How do I pay for it?" The old misconception was that it actually took cash to go solar. People thought, well, solar is expensive, because I have to spend this upfront cash. That could not be further from the truth.

Today, in fact, solar is the least expensive option to get energy in most of the United States. And with low interest rates and lots of finance programs, it is typically easy for most homeowners to get zero-down financing. There are two primary ways to finance your solar system today: with a low interest rate loan or a lease. Let's talk about both options.

A zero down loan means that you can choose a loan term, whether it's five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or 25 years. We offer all of those, and we offer them at the most competitive rates possible. Now, when you go solar with a zero down loan, what that means is, you finance the system through your loan provider, and instead of paying a monthly bill to your utility, you simply pay a less expensive monthly payment to your loan provider. So you get to keep the difference.

If, for some reason, a person can't get a loan, they will often choose a lease. This may be because they don't have a tax liability and can't keep the tax credit. A lease is exactly like it sounds - every single month, you'll pay a lease payment. And you'll pay that usually over 20 years. It's that simple. Your lease payment is going to be less than what you used to pay your utility bill, which means you're saving money every single month.

We will help you figure out what is best for you. When you get a proposal from us, our consultants are going to sit down with you. They're going to show you all the different options and help you decide what's best for you. They're going to show you how much money you can save with Powur and we're going to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to understand and make your decision.

What is Involved in Going Solar?

So what happens when you sign an agreement to go solar with power? Actually, the agreement is the hardest part! Once you sign your agreement, we do the rest. We will assign you a dedicated project manager that will keep you posted through every step of your project.

First, we will schedule your site survey. Next, we create the design that gets submitted to the City to receive a construction permit. Once the permit is received, we schedule your installation, which typically takes 1-3 days depending on the size of your system. After we finish installing the solar system on your house, we schedule the city inspector and/or your utility company to approve the installation and give you what is called “permission to operate”, or PTO. Once you have PTO, we power on your system and you can enjoy clean power for your home from sunshine. The whole process typically takes 30-60 days. Although much of that time is simply waiting for permits, inspectors and the like.

Do I Need to Buy a Battery?

There are two primary ways that homeowners benefit from owning a battery:

First, you can use the battery for backup power. If the grid goes down, you're still covered. If disaster strikes, if there's a hurricane in your area, or a fire, or any of the things that we're all dealing with now, on a much more common basis, having a battery will allow you to continue to have electricity in your home, even if your utility company can’t provide it.

The second reason is that you can often actually save money by getting a battery if you live in a region with specific rate structures where you would benefit from using stored power from the battery during more expensive times of the day. In many regions, net metering policy allows you to save money without the need for the battery, unless you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home can provide electricity even when your utility company can’t. Ask your Powur consultant for more information. They'll be able to give you a detailed proposal of exactly how much a system will cost with a battery if you're interested in one. We work with all the biggest battery manufacturers and we can absolutely make sure that you get taken care of - whichever way is best for you.

Two Options for Purchasing Energy [0-Down financing available!]

So let's talk about your options. Really, when it comes to your future with energy, you only have two options.

Number one is you go solar, you choose to actually take control of your power, take your power back, spend less for solar energy and the energy you need for your home than it currently costs you to get that from your utility, increase the value of your home, be energy independent, and do the right thing for our environment. For goodness sakes, the sunshine doesn't cause pollution, right? So let's stop polluting our air, our land, our water, and let's start powering our lives in a way that as Americans we can really be proud of. We're doing the right thing. We're taking care of future generations. And when history looks back on the actions we took, they're going to know we did the right thing. So that's option number one.

With Powur, we make that incredibly simple for you. Zero down financing, handling the entire project from start to finish. There's really nothing you need to worry about, we're going to take care of it for you.

Option number two is you don't do anything. You just stay with your utility. And you already know what that is. Yeah, your lights are probably going to turn on unless there's a big power outage or something. But you're going to spend a lot more for that energy. And you're going to keep paying utility every single month, month after month after month till the day you die.

Just think about it. Are you ever not going to need energy? Unless you're planning on moving to a hut in the woods, you're going to be spending money with your utility company. So why not go solar, do it for less and produce your own energy? And by the way, once that loan payment is paid off, if you do use a zero down option, there's no more payment, you just have free energy. Imagine if you weren't spending anything on a monthly basis for energy.

That's where you can get to with solar versus being stuck in a life long, expensive contract forever with a company that you probably don't even really like, be honest. Do you like your utility company? Do you feel like they're taking care of you? Do they have your back? Well, I can tell you that our sincere aim is to serve you.

We want to be a better energy provider. We want to save you money. We want to help you feel proud of how you power your home. And we want to get you all the best equipment, the best technology to set you up for the future. So those are your two options. And I leave it to you to choose. But I truly and sincerely hope that you go solar with Powur. Let us help you save money and accelerate a sustainable energy future for mankind.

interested in going solar?